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Popcorn Info

Hey Cub Scouts and parents, it’s popcorn time! Here’s some helpful information from our Popcorn Kernels, Mrs. Cherubini and Mrs. Dionne:

Both Council and Trail’s End have made it even easier to sell popcorn – through the Trail’s End app! Simply download the app and begin selling now. The app supports all the ways our pack sells popcorn:

  • Site Sales
  • Door to Door
  • Online
  • via Social Media

Learn more at

2019 Presentation from August Popcorn Kickoff Meeting in case you were not able to attend the kickoff.

If you’d still like to use a paper order form, you can get the order form and prize program info pages from Council’s Website, however you will need to then transfer the sale details into the app.

Want more information on the awesome Popcorn Incentives being offered in 2019? Check ’em out here!

An awesomely fun and easy way to get sales is to participate in one of our Pack’s numerous site sales!
Site sale boards will be at the September Pack meeting, however you should email Mrs. Cherubini if you’re looking for a specific slot on a particular date.
The dates for our sales this year are:
Sep 22,
Sep 23, Sep 28, and Sep 29

Need a quick reference for products and prices, plus what’s in the tins? Find out here.

If you’re interested in online sales, maybe to Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents who don’t live in the area, everything you need is inside the app.

Looking for some selling tips for your Scout(s)? There are numerous resources and training videos available in the app, once your Scout is registered.


© 2021 Cub Scout Pack 671 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2021 Cub Scout Pack 671 - Boy Scouts of America